Top 8 Eco-friendly Kitchen Designs All Homeowners Need To Consider

March 9, 2015 Uncategorized

Think of your kitchen as your go to space. It is where all the action at home takes place. Whether it is early morning madness, a soothing dinner party or just moments with your loved one, the kitchen is a high volume high traffic area. It therefore makes a lot of sense to create a kitchen that can create a lasting impression and at the same time remain functional.

Unfortunately, this is hard to achieve. Most kitchen products today come at a price. This is despite the fact that most of them don’t even last. Your best bet is therefore to go for eco-friendly kitchen products. Some may be costly, but you can always have the peace of mind that you have contributed your lot to ensuring the world is a better place. With that in mind, consider the following eco-friendly ideas for your existing or new home.

Ice stone counters

Ice stone is an alluring countertop alternative. It is also unique – made of limestone cement infused with recycled glass and charming pigments. One good thing with ices tone counters is the fact that you do not have to worry about the material reacting with soap or succumbing to the wear and tear factor. It lasts and like you may have probably guessed, it is easy to maintain. The only downside is the fact that you may have to take some time to look for the best contractors to fix the countertop. You may also have to window shop a lot. Not because ice stone is expensive but because only a handful of home improvement stores sell them. In other words, ice stone countertops are not as popular as other countertop materials.

Olive wood utensils


This has little to do with kitchen design but is still noteworthy for a discerning homeowner. Any utensil or serving made of olive wear will always be a treat for the eyes. They are gorgeous and with the rustic appeal they have, they easily create lasting impressions. To make your kitchen standout with olive wood utensil and serving options, consider going for wooden floors. You can either go for bamboo or cork. This brings up the next point.

Floor options

You will have an easy time here. There are simply more than enough eco-friendly flooring options. The only thing you will have to consider is what it will take to have each flooring option maintained well. Cork will of course look good but will it last? Bamboo on the other hand will look good and still last. Recycled glass and marble will also look good but will certainly cost you more. Simply take into account the pros and cons that come along with each option you wish to consider. Then decide accordingly.


There are two advantages that one can benefit from by embracing eco-friendly lighting. You will enjoy reduced electricity bills and secondly, you will always have adequate light and comfort during the day. With that in mind, consider going for sizable window kitchens to allow some light. Consider too to have sunlight beams and sun tunnels directed to the kitchen. They both offer alluring aesthetic options and are green. Be sure to hire competent lighting contractors to get the job done professionally and within a short time.

Copper sink

This is a relatively new option as far as embracing eco-friendly additions in the kitchen is concerned. Copper sinks are made from recycled copper pipes and wired. They boat of unique industrial beauty that’s hard to beat. Keep in mind that copper is naturally antimicrobial. It can go a long way to fight life threatening kitchen culprits like fungi and e-coli.

Reclaimed islands

Kitchen islands are great. They get better with green options infused. So feel free to go for something unique on the island. The best kitchen feature designs that resemble a butcher’s block highlights. Then to complete the natural feel and evoke the outdoor feeling, the islands are topped with beautiful marbles. Whatever you decide to go for, make sure your kitchen island has one or two eco-friendly extras.


Your kitchen would not be complete without ample working space. Even with all the aforementioned eco-friendly options, you would still need enough space to enjoy your efforts. Unfortunately, spacing can easily become a problem. So consider seeking professional assistance. Consider too going for overhead cupboards to help you save on space. Consider too de-cluttering your kitchen. That is as simple as reducing or completely getting rid of old unusable appliances. If anything, you should actually have new appliances. An old appliance in a remodeled kitchen can easily spoil everything as it will stick out like a sore thumb.


Not so many people know this but there are eco-friendly paints these days. What’s more, some of the paints are so good you won’t even need to consider primers and undercoats. Find out more about eco-friendly paint options then go for them. You certainly won’t regret it!

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