Top Kitchen Cabinetry Tips That Are Worth Remembering

October 20, 2014 Uncategorized

Having your kitchen cabinets customised would really be a good idea. However, before you even let a professional cabinet designer do the task for you, it would be wise to have some design ideas in mind that you like. The following kitchen cabinetry tips will help inspire you on how you should come up with design ideas:

1. Keep it simple

Sometimes, it would be best to keep your kitchen cabinets simple and when we say simple, it has something to do with not just the design but the colour of the furniture as well. Why not try the Shaker-style kitchen cabinet doors in white or off-white. This colour is sleek and clean that it fits any type of kitchen. Whether your home is traditional or modern, you would love to have this versatile idea.

2. Keep it efficient

Two decades ago, kitchens looked so nice and clean with the lazy Susan and a spice rack found in them. Nowadays, you can keep your kitchen as efficient as that classic idea by fusing in some great storage options that can be seen in many kitchen cabinets of today. You can opt for pullout trays and bread boxes to accessorise your kitchen cabinets. Have some customised spots for your baking needs too.

3. Customise your drawers


When customising is your thing, you would very well understand the idea of putting in some customised drawers into your kitchen cabinets as well. You may either go for the pullout doors with shelves, holders and racks for your kitchen utensils or go for other storage inserts that are perfect for your cutleries. This wonderful design idea will not just save you on space but will also make your kitchen look clutter-free.

4. Try glass cabinets

Try that light and fresh look for your kitchen by going for glass cabinets. If you do not want the idea of using glass all throughout your kitchen cabinets, then you can by all means go for glass-front cabinet doors. This can somehow freshen up your senses and attract your eyes knowing that the usual wall-to-wall cabinetry will be modernised. The glass doors will serve as your access to seeing some of your kitchen collectibles, glassware and your elegant dishes.

5. Go for the floor-to-ceiling design

The floor-to-ceiling idea will give more room for storage inside your kitchen. Kitchen cabinets following this design can be placed on the walls opposite your cooking area. This kitchen trend is as popular as all the other trends we have mentioned earlier and is a great fit for kitchens with oversize windows. The floor-to-ceiling cabinet can be a home not just for your cutleries, pots and pans but also for kitchen linens and small appliances too.

6. Experiment on built-in cabinets for appliances

Want to maintain that cohesive look in your traditional kitchen? Well, you can do that by all means. Simply try built-in cabinets that will provide room for your kitchen appliances. In this type of design, you can house all sorts of appliances from your refrigerator to your oven toasters using hidden cabinet doors set at the end of your kitchen’s island.

7. Try unconventional cabinets

Many times, you will see kitchens with cabinets that have the same colour as the motif set by the homeowner. Today’s kitchen trend, however, has been updated to make sure that mixing and matching different colours will be appealing to the eye. You can try blending whites with blacks in your kitchen islands and cabinets. If you want you can fuse in some colours that will bring warmth as well as better dimension to your kitchen space.

There are a lot of ways by which you can customise your kitchen cabinets. If you are not sure about what will fit your kitchen’s style, feel free to consult us. We have the best kitchen cabinet design ideas you can use for customising your kitchen!

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