Top Reasons To Choose Custom Kitchen Cabinetry Over Stock Cabinets

September 10, 2015 Uncategorized

Stock cabinets are ready for the picking. Meaning to say, you can simply go through a home depot then take a look at cabinet selections then bring home the one that you think suits your space best. With a few measurements you have taken you can be sure it is the best choice for you. However, beyond the portability and the fact that these cabinets are readily-available, there are other reasons to look further at other options like custom kitchen cabinetry. On this page, you will find out what makes custom kitchen cabinets a better choice over their stock counterparts.

Custom kitchen cabinetry offers you limitless design options


This is not just for the cabinet itself but for the entire kitchen as well. Take note that cabinets are supposed to be the focal points inside this special room in your home. It usually attracts greater attention when compared to all other components inside that kitchen of yours. You can say that all kitchen cabinets are the same for the mere fact that all have shelves, doors and drawers. But if what you want is an impressive cabinet design that goes well with the overall kitchen layout, you should have these pieces customised by all means.

Comparing it to kitchen cabinets that are readily available on stock and considering the design options it offers, you will be able to take note that as you discuss the design with your kitchen specialists, you will be amazed to find out that you are allowed to choose whatever is best for your kitchen. Together, you and the professional will work at making sure that cohesion is achieved between a cabinet and that of the entire kitchen. Yes, it may cost more than stock cabinets but with limitless design options, it is well worth every penny you invest.

They are built to last

There may be some stock cabinets out there that have proved themselves to last a long time in your kitchen but that will be nothing when compared to custom cabinets that have been carefully made by human hands and assembled according to every detail you want. These professionals always assure that you get the quality you need in terms of a kitchen cabinet’s construction, even surpassing the standards you have set for such furniture pieces.

Custom cabinetry can be constructed from high grade melamine or plywood with either mortise-and-tenon or Dowel or Dovetail joints and corner braces made out of wood glue blocks. They are finished by perfectly hidden undermount drawers. Stock cabinets, on the other hand, are often crafted from several pieces of low grade particle boards that have been either glued or screwed or nailed whose corners are made of stapled plastic. These components explain the difference between the two and say more about why custom kitchen cabinets are built to last longer when compared to stock cabinets.

It has a lesser impact on the environment

If you are looking for an environment-friendly choice for your kitchen cabinets then you can always choose custom-made ones. Take note that with stock cabinets you may not be given the chance to know the type of material used or where the wood comes from. If this concerns you then it is with no doubt that a custom kitchen cabinet is a better choice. With this option, you can tell your kitchen specialists to use domestic or local hardwoods for a reduced environmental impact.

You are given the chance to choose the elements that will work best for you

With stock cabinets, you are forced to settle for what is available in home depots or in local stores. Why force yourself into what is locally available if you can choose to get custom kitchen cabinets that can be perfect for your requirements? These cabinets are made according to your specifications such that you get smaller or larger cabinets that are best suited for your height. You can even order cabinets of all sizes according to your family member’s particular needs and specifications.

Speaking of elements, with custom kitchen cabinetry, you can choose from amongst styles with different drawer and cabinet combinations, each made to fit your cooking style. This makes your kitchen more efficient. You can even add the likes of a spice, cookie sheet and cutlery cabinet or include pull-out cutting boards, trash drawers and even wine racks to it. This will make your kitchen become more fully functional for you and the rest of your family.

Custom kitchen cabinets are with no doubt better choices when compared to stock cabinets. Professionals will always look into your needs before designing your cabinets according to your specifications. But of course, the secret is to look for experts in custom kitchen cabinetry in East Gwillimbury like us. Choose us to work on your most demanding custom kitchen cabinetry job and we can assure you that you will enjoy all benefits enumerated above and a whole lot more!

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