Top Tips On How To Achieve A Family-Friendly Kitchen

September 3, 2015 Uncategorized

The kitchen is supposed to be a place where members of the family can spend some of their most memorable moments together. Sometimes, however, depending on the kitchen layout and oftentimes, the space, this purpose is not achieved. Other family members will tend to chill out in the veranda whilst the rest of the household pick other rooms in the home where they can fill cosy.

For those of you who want to make the kitchen the room where you can talk to each other whilst munching on your favourite tasty treats or even when cooking food, you can do something about it. All you have to do is consider the following pieces of advice for a family-friendly kitchen.

Update your kitchen when needed

When updating, the first thing you have to bring to mind is the number of members you have in the household. If you plan of growing a family in the next year or so then it will be best to have a kitchen that can accommodate that number. From there, you can proceed to other essential aspects of the design, layout included.

Speaking of layout, you have a few choices for a growing family. There is the L-shaped kitchen (must be traditional for most homes) where the kitchen counter follows an L-shape thus allowing room where family members can freely move about to reach on for some goodies before sitting on the stools on the counter. This is perfect for those with large kitchen spaces. Other layout ideas include the I-shaped and U-shaped kitchens as well as the Galley kitchens.

Choose family-friendly colours


As important as the kitchen layout is the colour scheme in your kitchen. The layout is one that will help you cook with much ease whilst spending some time with other members of the family in that same space. The colour, on the other hand, will help you feel that everything is right and warm inside that kitchen.

If you want to achieve an instant uplift in your kitchen environment, yellow is a great colour choice. This hue has always been associated with the sun thus putting it in the kitchen will make the space feel happier for you and the rest of the household. You can use this perfectly to paint walls behind your kitchen cupboards.

For a warmer, more inviting atmosphere on the other hand, you can choose either orange or red. Since these can be bold colour choices, you may need to lighten down your choice a bit. It is good to note that there are lighter shades within these colour hues that will not be so overwhelming on the entire space. Of course, when these bold choices don’t seem to be a good idea for you, there are always those usual browns and creamy whites to work with.

Create an open area

What does this mean? Well, if you will try to look into traditional homes, you will notice that kitchens are more likely to be separated from that of the dining area. Well, if your space limits you to expand your kitchen just to accommodate your family members, you can consider creating an open area between your kitchen and that of your dining room. It is like a connection between two usually separate rooms. This will allow for more seating areas in case you are holding an intimate party with close family and kin.

The open-plan area is being emphasised in here since this setup will encourage members of the family to hang around each other more often. In fact, this can even extend the opportunity of being together after dinner. Not to forget that such a kitchen setup epitomises modern living thus is more attractive for potential house buyers if you plan to sell your home in the future.

Consult kitchen design specialists

The tips mentioned above are just part and parcel of what you can do to create a lovely kitchen where family members can spend some time together. If you really want the setup to work for you, you must always consider consulting kitchen design specialists. Going to these professionals will help you have a better look at your options. They can also assure you that something can be done to your kitchen to make it a livelier space for the entire household.

Have you tried asking about custom kitchen designs in Aurora? We can take a look at your current kitchen setup if you want to renovate your old one or we can help you plan if you are still to build your new home in the next couple of months. Give our services a try and we can assure you that every member of the household will keep coming back to the kitchen not just for the food you cook but also for the fact that they want to experience greater memories with the entire family.

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