Utilizing Concrete In Contemporary Kitchen Designs

February 4, 2016 Uncategorized

Utilizing concrete in your kitchen brings a timeless and striking feeling, and also a sense of minimalism and earthiness. Furthermore, concrete suits a wide array of different interiors ranging from Baroque and Scandinavian. Inspiring uses of concrete can be found in splashbacks, kitchen islands and benchtops.

To bring the wow factor to your concrete-made features, make sure to opt for an expert installer who specializes in custom kitchen designs in Aurora as opposed to a general concrete contractor. The knowledge and detail this kind of a specialist brings is critical to the durability of your concrete made kitchen features. He ensures that the resultant features are crack-free, seamless and fits well with the other features in your kitchen.

However, one thing that should be kept in mind where concrete-made features are concerned is that concrete is porous and therefore require regular sealing and maintaining to keep your features in top condition. Sealing also keep the feature stain-free. People who ignore sealing and maintaining their concrete kitchen feature normally get disappointed due to the resultant tear and wear.

By having your feature professionally installed and then keeping up with maintenance, the results are enhanced durability and a downright gorgeous space. Here are some concrete features you might want to consider in your kitchen design:



Concrete made kitchen benchtops are appealing and beautiful, but simple in appearance. However, they are quite complex in their ingenuity and engineering. They are delicately detailed with kitchen appliances being integrated into the thickness of concrete. One of the main benefits to using concrete in bench top construction is that it is seamless and quite customizable. Concrete benchtops are normally raw and exposed, making them an ideal centerpiece in a contemporary kitchen.

The normally thick concrete structure often outlines the pantry areas, fridge and other appliances in a kitchen. For a distinctive appearance, the bench top can be made to appear floating off the cabinets, and the cabinets themselves to appear floating off the floor. Have the concrete juxtaposed with timber and white cabinetry to give your kitchen a Scandinavian look.

To make your concrete bench top your kitchen’s centerpiece, less is more. This makes feature even more noticeable for minimal kitchen design that is quite elegant. The concrete bench top sits on-top of washed out timber cabinets. When coupled with white high walls and concrete floors, you get a bold structure like no other. When concrete is utilized in the walls, ceiling, floors and benchtops, it brings a sense of unity to the space.

Kitchen islands

Concrete utilized in kitchen islands is both ethereal and earthy. The main advantage of using concrete in kitchen feature construction is that it is poured on site and can be fully customizable. The entire design, including open shelves, sinks, and the likes can be concrete. There also won’t be any join lines in the bench top. Best of all, concrete islands do not always have a flat and polished appearance. You can have things such as old timber boards to serve as mounds for the poured concrete. The result creates warmth and texture.

When an entire kitchen island is cast out of concrete, the internal structure allows for long spans of open shelves, which is quite hard to achieve with melamine or even timber. If the island is contrasted with exposed timber beams and quality chandelier, the results are totally stunning. When a concrete island is paired with stainless steel, you get an industrial and sleek looking kitchen.


While concrete is not regularly used as a splashback making material, when opted for, the results are like no other. You get beautiful splashbacks that look and feel different. However, concrete splashbacks need to be properly sealed for the best of results and guaranteed longevity. Concrete splashbacks in a contemporary kitchen are practical and offer a raw appearance like no other. They are a great choice for homeowners wanting something different and a little edgy. They suit a wide variety of interiors and add a minimalist and timeless approach to any kitchen. For best of results, make sure your feature is installed by professionals. In this way, you are guaranteed to enjoy your feature and kitchen space for many years to come.

Concrete kitchen features have one thing in common; they are quite personalized giving your space its own character and charm. When juxtaposed with materials such as stainless steel and timber, the results could be rustic, classical or contemporary, depending on what you are looking for. And when concrete is combined with other warm materials, you get an elegant and striking space like no other. While most people consider concrete as a classic flooring material, when creatively used to make kitchen features such as benchtops, countertops, and splashbacks, it has the potential to create a fresh and contemporary space.

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