What Are The Different Types Of Kitchen Cabinet Door Styles?

February 6, 2015 Uncategorized

Kitchen cabinets are reliable pieces of furniture found inside the kitchen. They can be used to store anything from food to condiments to utensils and even kitchen gadgets. With their wide array of functions related to storage, every homeowner would certainly love to include these pieces in a kitchen construction or remodel.

One of the most important components in a kitchen cabinet is the cabinet door. You might conclude that all doors are the same but the truth is they come in different styles you must be familiar with. Get to know the different types commonly attached to kitchen cabinets.

Louvered kitchen cabinet doors

Otherwise known as horizontal wood slats, these ones are commonly used for windows, interior doors and other furniture pieces. What you do not know is that this style can also be applied in kitchen cabinetry. They typically have spaces in between each slat thus making them a perfect choice for those of you who want your cabinets to have some ventilation in them. These ones can be quite expensive though so you better check the price before having this style constructed for your kitchen cabinet.

Shaker kitchen cabinet door

This cabinet door is a popular choice to many kitchens. It is a distinct cabinet style that has five pieces of flat panels enclosed in a frame made from four pieces of the panels. The last panel is used for the centre portion of the cabinet. This door style is favoured for its clean and simple lines that emphasises more on the importance of utility. The simplicity of this kitchen cabinetry door makes it a popular choice for many homeowners since it can blend well to either traditional or modern kitchen setups. You can also choose to have different wood species, colours, paint, stains and hardware.

Classic as this style is, this can work well with any budget but of course that will now depend on the wood you will use. The centre door panels are commonly the ones being replaced with a more cost-effective option. You can also opt for a natural finish over the painted one since this can save you at least about 20% of the total cost.

Flat kitchen cabinet doors


Flat kitchen cabinet doors may be fairly simple but you can also consider this a stylish option for your kitchen. It combines hard lines with its minimalist form thus making it a perfect fit for kitchens following the more contemporary styles of these days. Commonly, these doors are made out of laminate, which is considered budget-friendly. Other doors of this style make use of decorative wood too.

Distressed kitchen cabinet door

Distressed-looking cabinet doors are perfect partners for kitchens that imbibe the antique style. You can have the corners of the doors rubbed off to add that age-old style into the entire kitchen cabinetry. You can ask a kitchen cabinetry expert if they can make your doors look old or vintage as promised by the distressed style.

Inset kitchen cabinet door

This is perhaps one of the oldest and most expensive kitchen cabinet door styles. Whilst this is the case, you can rely on this style in that it is guaranteed to last for a long time provided it has been created from highly-durable materials. These doors got such name from the fact that the door itself is set within the cabinet frame. Exact measurements are taken to make sure that the door will open and close properly considering that it is nested inside the frame. Because of its style, expect that such doors will also have exposed hinges. About two hinges per door is required to make the inset style work.

Beadbord kitchen cabinet doors

Beadboard is a great kitchen cabinet door style that will match those who have the passion for cottage-style structures and furniture pieces. These doors include a centre panel that is made from beadborad paneling, thus its name. This material has been popular to many people in the past since it has been used as a decorative wall treatment even before the concepts of paint, drywall and plaster have been introduced. What makes this kitchen cabinet door kind of a problem is the fact that the little cracks outside it makes it harder to clean.

Custom kitchen cabinet doors

You have a wide array of options when it comes to kitchen cabinet doors. All of them promise advantages that will make you love them even more. However, when you feel like none of the choices mentioned will work for your kitchen then you can resort to custom kitchen cabinet doors. You have the option to create your own style in this regard or ask a kitchen designer to work it out for you.

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