What is the Difference between Quartz, Corian and Granite?

June 3, 2022 Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen is a highly volatile place, which experiences splashes of water and oil, Greece and spills. To use perfect material before building up your kitchen, so that kitchen interiors long last are and costs you fewer repairs. In today’s time then what do you like kitchens are in trend, everyone wants to have a trendy kitchen, spacious, good looking, exotic and without the high maintenance. It is essential to decide upon the point whether which material needs to be used in the kitchen granite, Corian or quartz. There are quite many choices apart from these, but these remain the most prominent one. Let’s figure out the best material that you can use in your kitchen, without any delay.


This is the first material, generally a brand name. It is a solid surface that contains natural minerals and polymer. It is not that expensive as compared to the other two. The material is a premium quality product and can be used in making countertops for your kitchen. Did you know why did it gain popularity?

It gained popularity because it was cheap. The product lakhs durability and aesthetics’, just based upon the price the decision cannot be made. Apart from this, it also has a very poor resalable value as compare to the other two materials. It is so fragile that even if you put a hot pan upon the countertop, it will leave marks. Hence it is not advised to use this material in your kitchen, as it lacks durability and is extremely soft and prone to marks.

The only advantage here is that it can conduct electricity, but when used in kitchen, conducting electricity is of no use. Corian countertops are not very resistant to heat and can withstand temperatures of up to 212 degrees Fahrenheit only before damage is sustained. This makes the use of Corian in kitchens or surfaces that need to be used rigorously a bad choice.



This is the second material that you can decide upon, it is much better than Corian. This is a natural rock, used for making kitchen countertops. One of the most popular and renowned manufacturers is Caesarstone. Talking about the price, the cost depends upon its variants. Some of them are quite affordable whereas the others are quite expensive.

These are strong and functional, durable. It resists scratches, mildew, molds etc. apart from this, Quartz Looks fabulous when composed in the kitchen aesthetically. There can be various designs in which it can be moulded and used. Generally, it is a natural stone, hence the look never goes out of trend. It is here resistant and can handle hot oil spills or hot pants. It has a good reasonable value and in all possible manners is better than Corian. Fabricators produce quartz countertops in much the same way as they do for granite countertops. The appearance and designs are much more consistent, minimal, and patterned since quartz is designed.



Granite is one of the best materials that can be used in the kitchen, in form of natural beauty. It is a natural stone, with original aesthetics’. It is extremely durable but can still be prone to cracking or staining if used very rough and tough. It needs to be carefully transported to avoid damages and is quite expensive as compared to all the others.

The blocks are cut and polished into slabs. Each slab will have striations and subtle colour changes that render the stone distinctive, giving it a more natural look, because Granite is a natural stone. Often known for having a lot of “movement” and variations in its natural colour, granite slabs provide it with dramatic colorization and character. Granite can vary in price depending on the consistency of the stone, thickness, and colour selection.

Installing the countertop and sealing the surface for safety can also be included in the final cost. Since granite is a natural stone, to avoid staining and damage to the stone, some maintenance is necessary. Granite is brittle, so it needs to be constantly sealed properly. Although both granite and quartz are powerful and strong, if not properly cared for, granite may be more susceptible to cracking and chipping. Although pretty efficient.

Here we come towards the end of this article; it is your time to decide which the best for your kitchen is. As per our opinion one of the best materials that can be used as Quartz, if you do not want to use Quartz then the second best is granite. It is not advised to use Corian in the kitchen just because it is affordable. It is not at all effective and is not long-lasting. If you are looking for something affordable then Quartz can also be considered, as it comes in various variants. Moreover, it has elements of Granite and Corian. Granite and Quartz Are quite luxurious and desirable, people mostly prefer these do in their kitchens. It would be better if you contact the best Kitchen Interior designers to help you out.

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