What You Should Know About Kitchen Faucet Styles

December 16, 2016 Uncategorized

Many people overlook their kitchen faucets when it comes to a kitchen remodel. You have to remember that kitchen faucets are vital for many of the things you do inside the space and taking it for granted when you are renovating the kitchen will keep your space outdated. Bear in mind that good kitchen faucets matter if you want it to serve its many different functions – from simple washing of your hands before food preparation to cleaning cooking equipment after everything else has been accomplished.

There are a lot of designs or styles to choose from for kitchen faucets. Never think that they are all the same. Each of these styles has advantages to offer thus making it easier for you to come up with a perfect choice. At the end of the day, it all boils down to choosing one that will fit your kitchen’s requirements. Take a look at your options for kitchen faucet styles then.

Dual handle style

Dual handle kitchen faucet styles are very popular choices despite the fact that they may be one of the oldest styles for this fixture in the kitchen. The good thing about this design is it comes with two handles that allow you to control the temperature of the water that comes out of it. Various brands came up with their unique touch on manufacturing dual handle faucets with some coming with decorative pipe risers that are seen actually above the counter or sink. This is connected to a spout that you can actually see as opposed to styles that are connected to pipes below the sink to keep the part out of sight.

Pull down style


For those who opt to revamp their kitchen and make them look more professional, choosing the pull down style kitchen faucet will be a good idea. This is perfect specifically for those of you who want to elaborate the uses of your big kitchen sinks further. This is usually bigger than all other kitchen faucet styles hence it is most appropriate for bigger spaces. Just make sure though that it will not intrude with other elements in your kitchen especially when you have cabinets above the sink if you consider incorporating this type of faucet.

Pull out style

In contrast with a pull down style faucet which is good for kitchens with bigger spaces, you have the pull out style that is best suited if you have a limited deck space surrounding your sink. As the name implies, this kitchen faucet style features an adjustable sprayer that you can easily pull out when you need water. You can use this even when you have to wash large posts and pan. Another great thing about this style is it can reach out to the entire sink when pulled.

Side-spray style

This is a style where the main faucet is actually separate from the side spray. This is a very affordable option thus it is good for those of you who want to save money when remodelling your kitchen. Of course, there are side-spray kitchen faucet styles that can meet the needs of your high-end kitchen too. These ones come with sink accessories such as soap dispensers.

Touchless style

In order to adopt with the requirements of more modern kitchens, the touchless or motion-activated kitchen faucet style has been introduced in the market. Touchless as they are, they operate without you having to touch anything. Just place your hand under the faucet and water comes out when you need to. This will definitely help you save water since it turns off automatically when you do not need water.

Your choice of a kitchen faucet will all depend on the type of remodel you want for your kitchen. For more kitchen ideas in Newmarket, feel free to browse our pages!

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