Which Type Of Kitchen Floor Plan Suits You Best?

December 16, 2016 Uncategorized

Gone are the days when the kitchen is just a simple workspace where most of the time, homeowners will consider just placing them at the back of the home. Nowadays, so much focus is given to this space that an entire home remodel will not be complete without actually thinking of how to make their kitchens standout. In order to complement the needs of today’s homes, kitchen floor plan considerations have been well taught of as this one already matters a lot when choosing the kitchen cabinetry and all other components that will go in with it. Amongst the kitchen floor plan choices you have are the following:

Open floor plan

As cabinets fill up kitchens so that there is enough storage space for all of the equipment, appliances and essentials that you need, considering an open floor plan will change the style of the space a bit. This space has been made so you can have an area where you can entertain friends and family while doing the usual stuff inside the kitchen.

It also gives your guests and family members a better access to the kitchen whenever they need to get some food during an event you are hosting or even during ordinary family days where one family gathers around food for a conversation. As your counter space becomes more accessible to everyone, you are also given the opportunity to mingle with others even when you are busy with chores. Expect more seating available for everyone else when your kitchen walls are removed to open access for everyone.

Closed floor plan

In contrast to the open kitchen floor plan, there is also the so-called closed floor plan. This is considered by many homeowners who want to keep the privacy of the kitchen to themselves. Such a space will make sure that others will not see the mess all around and will give you more time to do all the cleaning up later on when all your guests have gone home or when family members have headed upstairs to sleep.

In a closed kitchen setup, you keep all the cooking odors to the space. A dining room is separate from the kitchen thus giving a more perfect place for formal dinners during special occasions. This floor plan will also mean that you should incorporate upper cabinetry storage for all your kitchen essentials including your appliances.

Which kitchen floor plan is for you – the open or closed design?


It is not easy to come up with a final decision when it comes to the floor plan you want for your kitchen. Both floor plans work after all. If you want a more sociable space that will allow you to entertain your guests then the open floor plan is absolutely a great choice for you. If you want everything related to dining more formal, the closed floor layout is the better route.

Talking to a kitchen remodel designer will help

A kitchen remodel designer or professional can help eliminate all the hassles of thinking about the perfect floor plan that will suit your space. They understand your space very well and when they come to check on your kitchen, they will already be able to visualise the model that suits you best. They do this by assessing your needs and at the same time considering all the essentials that goes in the kitchen. Depending on the kitchen cabinetry, the countertop and any element you are willing to give up or incorporate during the remodel, they will have the best design in mind most suited for you.

We can assist you with your kitchen construction and remodel needs, and we also specialize in specific areas such as custom kitchen cabinetry in Aurora. Simply contact us today and let us advise you further!

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