Why Custom Kitchen Cabinets Are The Best Choice For Your Kitchen

October 10, 2015 Uncategorized

Kitchen cabinets may appear to be just boxes that have shelves, doors and drawers, but they are easily the point of focus for any kitchen. They should be built with a design that perfectly complements the owner’s personality and home decor. Custom cabinets may be pricier than stock cabinets that you can get from stores, but they are obviously way better. Here are reasons why most homeowners opt to go for custom kitchen cabinets.

Built to last

Custom cabinets are normally constructed by skilled craftsmen that ensure that the outcome is just as required by the customer. Custom cabinet makers take their time to construct the cabinets using the material requested. In most cases, these components tend to last long since they are constructed using durable materials. For example, in custom cabinets, corner braces are made of wood glue blocks while corner braces in stock cabinets are made of stapled plastic corners. Wood tends to last longer than plastic, hence making the custom cabinets more long lasting.

Local sourcing

If you are concerned about the type of wood that your kitchen cabinets will be made of, then custom cabinets is the way to go. Unlike stock cabinets, when it comes to custom cabinets, you have the ability to choose the kind of timber that you want to use for your cabinets. There are so many timber choices to choose from, so you can always select a specific type that you like.

Freedom to select the elements you want


When it comes to custom cabinets, you do not have settle for a cabinet that has an element you do not like since you are in charge of how your cabinet will finally appear. If for example you are five feet tall, you may need to make cabinets that are smaller so that you can reach your working countertops with more ease. If you happen to be six and a half feet tall, then you may need cabinets that are taller to match your height. If you want to have different heights in your kitchen for different purposes then you are at liberty to select exactly what you want without having to compromise.

Personal selection

Although stock cabinets come in different types, you may still experience limitations when it comes to availability. Custom cabinets ensure that you have the ability to select the kind of wood you want, the kind of style that best suits you and your home, the type of finishing you would want for your kitchen cabinets and all the other hardware that you require to satisfy your needs. Stock cabinets at times have a finishing that does not complement the other parts of the cabinet, but due to the availability of limited options, you end up settling for something you do not entirely like. Custom cabinets are made according to the description of the order, hence they meet all the requirements that the owners wants for his or her kitchen cabinets.

Built to fit

Regardless of the kind of a kitchen layout you have or even an uneven floor, custom cabinets fit perfectly since they are made according to the size you specify, they ensure that all the available space is used up to the last inch. Stock cabinets on the other hand, can be limited to specific kitchens, if you have a wall that is left looking odd after you place your cabinet, you may end up having to look for fillers to fill the unused space that is left.

Endless modifications

Custom cabinets are open to unlimited modifications. They can be altered as many times as you want so as to fit your personality and lifestyle. These vary from the color you want, the type of trims you want your cabinets to have, the design you want for the inferiors of your cabinets and so on. Basically, whatever idea you have for your kitchen cabinet, it is all possible with custom cabinets.

Environmentally friendly

Not only does wood look good, it is also renewable, biodegradable, non-toxic and can be recycled. Custom cabinets give you the chance to select wood that impacts the environment in a positive and healthy way. The fact that custom cabinets also use clear coats, paints, and water-based stains is an indication that no solvent can leave a mark on your kitchen cabinets.

Generally, custom kitchen cabinets offer a superior design build, are stress-free to install and also bestowing you the desired style. These are hard to experience when it comes to stock cabinets. The next time you think of kitchen cabinets, save yourself the stress and select custom kitchen cabinets that can perfectly fit the style and personality of your home. For the best custom kitchen designs in Newmarket, contact Pay Less Kitchens. We offer all types of kitchen cabinets that can fit your current kitchen design or any design you have in mind.

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