Why Custom Kitchen Cabinets Are the Best Choice?

October 16, 2021 Kitchen Renovations

Kitchen Cabinets Newmarket

If you’re planning to revamp your kitchen, replacing the old kitchen cabinets is a great place to start. When it comes to improving the appearance and functionality of your kitchen, cabinets play a vital role. While it’s easy to find stylish prefabricated cabinets that are ready to install, most kitchen renovation experts recommend installing custom cabinets. Stock cabinets are an economical option but custom kitchen cabinets give a one-of-a-kind look and maximum storage space. If you’re in a hurry to get things done quickly, semi-custom or pre-built cabinets are easily available in the market. But kitchen renovation isn’t something you do every year. When you’re spending money, make sure you get the most out of your renovation project.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet

Cabinets occupy a large portion of the kitchen which makes it crucial to pick the right product. If you’re new to kitchen renovation, it’s important to first get familiar with the different cabinets options available. Stock cabinets are ready-made cabinets that are factory-made and ready to install. Another type is semi-custom which is also partially built but it has some unfinished elements and room for customization. The third type is custom cabinets that are designed and crafted on-site. The homeowners have complete freedom to choose the cabinet material, style, design, color, hardware, size, and other elements. These are high-end cabinets because they are designed to meet your specifications.

Benefits of Custom Cabinets

Both stock and semi-custom cabinets have some benefits but if you’re looking for something unique, consider custom cabinets. If you’re still confused, here are some more benefits of installing custom kitchen cabinets.

  1. More Storage

When it comes to your kitchen, every inch of space counts! Kitchens that are small or odd-shaped often lack storage space and that makes the space look unorganized and messed up. Ready-made cabinets are made using standard measurements that work for the majority of houses. However, every kitchen is unique and only a custom cabinet professional can craft cabinetry that fits your kitchen size and layout. Even the odd corner can be utilized to maximize the storage space. Whether you need a spice rack or cutlery cabinet, you can design cabinets to store all your kitchen items and free up countertop space.

  1. Durability

There isn’t a huge price difference between semi-custom and custom cabinets. Considering the fact that homeowners don’t replace cabinets every year, it makes sense to invest in high-quality cabinets that can last for several years. The cabinets available in the local store are made using inferior quality material. However, customization gives you complete control of everything- from material and design to finish and hardware. Custom-built cabinets are handmade and have superior quality craftsmanship.

  1. Unlimited Style and Finish Options

Custom cabinets not only fit perfectly into your space but also allow personalization. You will get multiple options to design cabinets that reflect your unique taste and compliments your home’s décor. From traditional designs to sleek modern looks, you can choose from a variety of colors, wood, style, and finishes.

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