Why You Should Insist On Paying Less For Your Custom Kitchen

January 17, 2015 Uncategorized


When you are discussing the option to choose a custom kitchen designer to help you build the ideal kitchen with your friends, their response may be “Oh, that could be expensive!” or “Are you sure can you afford it?” The right answer is not as what many people expect, it won’t cost as much as you might expect and it is affordable if you choose the right kitchen designer.

Good kitchen custom designers can help

Design experience is really important when you select the custom kitchen designer you have decided to work with, but this is not all. While a designer can have great design ideas, it is important that they have experience too of all sorts of kitchen dimensions and some of the many potential problems that can cause your dream kitchen to not meet your requirements as you had originally planned.

Secondly, the best custom kitchen designer are also installers and they have access to the best prices from the kitchen equipment wholesalers and distributors, so they can ensure that you can get the kitchen doors, cabinets and equipment for your kitchen at the best and most competitive prices available as part of their project service.

Each kitchen is unique

Well, in the ideal world, every kitchen installed would be perfect, it would be good if this were the case, but too often you have to compromise and make do with what you get. The kitchen is often considered by many to be the engine room of the family, or as being the bridge of a ship or the control tower in a busy airport. The kitchen is also the informal meeting place for your friends when they drop into see you, or place for a family supper or an informal lunch or dinner with your friends. Whatever your requirements, the kitchen is, in many cases, the fulcrum of your family’s life and you want to make sure that it is designed around you and your family’s needs, rather than the other way round.

Unless you are moving into a new home with a ready fitted kitchen that may or may not work for you, ideally when you move to your new home you want to have the choice of deciding exactly how your kitchen will look or in a used home how to alter it or completely replace it to make sure that is a kitchen design that fits your requirements exactly.

If you are a handyman or woman, you may decide to go to the kitchen cabinet and fitting supplier depot and buy standard kitchen units. You think that you can construct them and install them in your kitchen yourself, but maybe it might be a good idea to get the help and experience of a custom kitchen professional, this could save you money and get you a great kitchen installation as part of the bargain.

Why should you consider a Kitchen installer?

Professional kitchen installers come with more than just a great eye for detail and making sure your final kitchen installation is better and more than you could have expected. Sometimes, people say that no photo or image can prepare you for the finished professional result and top quality kitchen designers and installers prove that this is the case time and time again.

The secret ingredients are many; these include the ability to assess the kitchen space that you have available, where the doors into the home or out to the garden are located. Next, what are the requirements and needs of your family when they will be using the kitchen? Either to sit down and eat together as a family, grab a quick snack or sit near the window to text friends, study or watch TV, there are many requirements and a good designer will make sure that they tick all the boxes before moving to the drawing board.

Contacts and the little black book

While things have changed from a battered notebook to iPads, smart phones and many hand held devices, the best successful kitchen installers have a contact and supplier network that will be the envy of their competitors, it is their virtual “little black book”. The best kitchen designer installers will look to see what components of your kitchen in a used home that you have bought can be reused in your kitchen with a makeover of the work surfaces or the cabinet doors to give your kitchen a brand new look. They are successful because they don’t always advise to rip and replace but rather adapt, improve and rejuvenate first before doing a complete makeover.

Because the kitchen design and installation professionals have access to the lowest prices, thanks to their business on behalf of their clients, they are able to pass this purchasing benefit onto you. They do not practise a one size fits all approach, but rather they can bring the best range of high quality products at the best prices to you, so you decide exactly what you want and you can get the kitchen units and the professional services to install them.

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