Wood Species You Can Use To Redesign The Kitchen Cabinets

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Whenever you go shopping for the best kitchen cabinets, a good number of dealers will stress the fact that their kitchen cabinets are made out of wood. The truth of the matter is that some of them are actually made out of a variety of products and veneers. That means that even if you end up with quality kitchen cabinet, the doors and frames may be the parts made out of natural wood. Kitchen cabinets made from wood may not always be the best bet particularly if you live in a place with high humidity. This is because wood is affected by changes in humidity and temperature. As such, warping and shrinking are bound to occur over time.

Solid wood

Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets made out of solid wood give you quite an impression what with the warmth, elegance and smell of quality that is exuded by them. In fact, it makes them a preferable choice since kitchen cabinets made out of synthetic and composite materials barely match up to their standards. In that case, you can tell the quality of kitchen cabinets by looking at their faces and boxes to see if their wood grains match.

Common wood

Oak is actually one of the most common kind that is used to make kitchen cabinets. The wood has a particularly strong and appealing flower grain that many buyers find irresistible when looking for quality kitchen cabinets. To make the most out of oak kitchen cabinets, use them in a country setting. Oak can be stained with any color as it has a strong graining and does not get affected in any way, which explains why people like it.

The grain always comes out boldly through the stain giving an elegant and classic look. There are a number of ways that you can use to offset the red coloring. For instance, you can use white oak. The red coloring is perfectly enriched when you use cherry stain.

Cherry wood

People have different kitchen layouts and as such, it is important to note that your kitchen layout will affect the way in which you arrange things and design your cabinets. In a kitchen setting that is meant to have formal cabinets, you need to ensure that there are raised panels in the first place. This is because raised panels are the primary requirement for formal cabinets.

The best choice of wood for formal cabinets in that case is cherry, which can be used in either English or French style depending on your taste of style. The elegant wood offers a natural red coloring that is deep. It is the best alternative for oak wood if you are looking for something else. Another wood that can be used in the country setting is hickory. The wood is popularly known for its natural markings and strong brown color.

Rift oak

Most architects and designers actually have one thing in common when it comes to construction and home decoration: the rift oak. Rift oak veneer is the ultimate choice for architects and interior designers. To get the vertical grain that offers an appealing look in the rift oak, the oak flower has to be cut out first. White oak comes into play in the selection of rift to ensure that it is perfectly light when stained eventually. As such, the rift oak is actually used in overlay constructions. Note that in lavish overlay constructions, frames are not usually visible.

Pine wood

Pine is the kind of wood that offers you a yellow cast.it is the perfect option for antiquing. This explains why you will find it commonly used in American and English country settings. It only has one drawback that may change your mind a little: softness. Pine is actually soft and as such, it can easily be chipped. Still, it is the ideal choice for country setting.

Ash wood

When looking for an option that offers an amazing white color, ash is definitely the best choice. Mostly, it is used in the interior of kitchen cabinets. It does not have much flower or graining. That makes it a good choice for staining as it works great when stained. Furthermore, it can accept enamel paint whenever you want to make adjustments.

These are all wood options that you can consider when looking for the best wood cabinets. Kitchen cabinets add to the beauty of your home and what you choose can add or take away value from your home.

Therefore, you need to know great kitchen ideas in Newmarket and understand the difference between kitchen cabinets made out of natural wood and the ones made out of composite and synthetic material. With natural wood, you can always feel the warmth and elegance in the room. In fact, oak is the most commonly wood used for kitchen cabinets and other furniture. If you would want to know how to design the perfect kitchen cabinets for your home, feel free to talk to us today!

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