You Should Start Using Quartz Countertops For Your Kitchen!

October 20, 2016 Uncategorized

What would we do without them, and how would the kitchen really look like if they were not part of it? Kitchen counters take a lot of beating. They get stuff spilled on them, hot and cold items placed on them, they have things chopped on them and many other things that happen in a modern and functional family kitchen. With this in mind, care must be taken when choosing a material to use as a kitchen countertop because you need to have a surface that can withstand the punishment that comes with a functional kitchen but one that is also easy to maintain, easy to clean and will not break your bank account.

Taking all these things into consideration, it is useful to consider using a quartz kitchen top when customizing your kitchen and thinking through various options that are open to you for your kitchen countertop. In the article below, we explore some of the reasons that you should consider quartz as your countertop material.

 Quartz is non porous

 It is probably impossible to fully use a kitchen and not spill something. Spills are common in a functional kitchen and they are likely to happen on the countertop as they are likely to happen on the floor. These spills can be water but more significantly, can be liquids that are capable of staining your countertop such as red wine. Knowing this, having a non-porous countertop becomes extremely useful because it saves you from damage and stains on your countertop. A number of materials that are used as alternates to quartz as countertop materials have to be sealed to protect them from spillage damage. Quartz is non porous and thus does not need to be sealed.

Easy to clean


 It is a safe bet that in a functional kitchen, things will get messy. You therefore want a countertop that can be cleaned easily and that will consistently look new every time you clean it. This is one of the benefits of using quartz as a kitchen counter top in your customized kitchen, Quartz is easy to clean and does not need anything more than soap and water to wipe away the grime and mess from it leaving it sparkling clean and shiny.

 Quartz is cost effective

 If you are worried about cost, then you will find quartz to be fairly cost effective as compared to other kitchen countertops. Compared to kitchen counter tops such as granite, quartz is much cheaper and because it does not require maintenance (sealing), gives even greater cost savings over time to the owner of the customized kitchen.

 Strong and durable

Quartz is extremely durable and can take most of the punishment that you are likely to throw at it over the years. This includes scratches from knives and other cutting tools that are used in the kitchen. Quartz is also extremely tolerant of high temperatures and is unlikely to be damaged by hot items places on it as is likely to happen in a functional kitchen. Despite this high tolerance, it must be pointed out that is always a good idea to place protective pad on your kitchen countertop when placing hot items to protect the countertop. Quartz also has the additional benefit of being unlikely to fade or change in appearance meaning that your kitchen counter top is likely to remain looking new over the years with very little maintenance.

 Taking all these factors in consideration, it is clear that quartz deserves consideration as a counter top surface when you are customizing your kitchen. So next time you are reviewing custom kitchen designs in Aurora, ask your designers to consider using quartz as your kitchen countertop.

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